New gallery page

I’ve been doing some tinkering with the website and thought it’d be fun to add a gallery section featuring the anthologies that my work is in – still amazing to see my name in print! You can find my new page here:

This page is essentially a photo-list of short story collections that include one of my pieces of fiction. It also has a photo from the awards ceremony that Dying Matters held back in May 2012, where my story was read out (not by me, I’d like to add). It documents all the exciting things that have happened since I started sharing my words, and it’ll remind me to keep on putting pen to paper and reaching for things that I never thought possible.

Talking of which – I also added a page with stories I’m currently working on (here). I’ll be adding some quotes soon and hope to be able to share one or more of these finished pieces in the near future.

Keep writing 🙂


Visiting Salford

So I’ve been asked to return to my university to talk to their current English students about working in publishing and continuing to write, which I’m really excited about; it’s lovely to be asked back for something like this. It should be great – looking forward to catching up with my tutors and feeling the inevitable wave of nostalgia. I just need to work out what I’m going to say… and remember my way around!